Through the Fears / Fearcast



1905-1914: D.W. Griffith
1915-1919: World War I and the horrors of war
1920-1925: The Wiemar Republic/Lon Cheney
1931: The Dawn of the Universal Monsters
1932: The Madness of Pre-Code Horror
1933: Giant Apes and Invisible Men
1934: Pushing the Boundaries in the Shadow of the Code
1935: Monster Brides and the First Werewolf
1936: The End of the Laemmles
1937-1938: Hollywood Sleeps and Foreigns Rule
1939: Sherlock Holmes, Ygor, and Bogie

1940: Sequels, sequels, and the Abominable Mr. Hope
1941: Enter the Wolf Man
1942: Fainting Ladies and Val Lewton
1943: Lewton Dominates While Universal Falters
1944: Jack the Ripper and a Haunted House
1945: Anthology Horror for Dummies
1946: The Sad, Short Career of Rondo Hatton (Fearcast)
1948: Abbott and Costello Meet Universal’s Last Gasp
1949: Where Does Your Meat Come From?

1950: A New Decade and Finding Horror in Reality
1951: Aliens!
1952: Creeps and a Brooklyn Gorilla
1953: The Best and the Worst of Alien Invaders
1954: Nuclear Power, Ants, and the King of Monsters
1955: Serial Killing Clergy and Schoolmaster Zombies