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Matthew O’Leary is a writer from Columbia, South Carolina. His writing has been described as a casserole of early 90’s grunge, late 90’s nihilism, and the chunks of burnt meat at the bottom of the oven. He lives with a cat, but it’s not serious or anything.


3 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Hi Matthew,

    I just read a letter that was written to Lindsey Graham and published in the Free Times. I’m not sure you are the Matthew O’Leary that wrote it, but if you are, THANK YOU! My sentiments are exactly the same and I’m hoping that Graham doesn’t vote for the latest Senate health care bill. Unfortunately, the insurance lobbyist have Graham in their pocket. Thanks again.


  2. I cannot wait to read “Symptoms of a Teratoma.” After a miserable year counting heartbeats following open heart surgery and pacemaker implant with lung collapse, only to learn the pacemaker was not necessary….i just want to jump into the heart and soul of this book!!!!


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