Letter to Lindsey Graham (and update)

Welcome to everyone stumbling across my site as a result of my letter to Lindsey Graham getting posted in the most recent issue of the Free Times. Few things:

  1. The letter was my second letter regarding the Better Care Reconciliation Act, aka Trumpcare. The first was met with a pretty standard response from Senator Graham, including the mention of the “failure” of the ACA, aka Obamacare.
  2. I know that a guy like Graham doesn’t feel particularly beholden to a voter on my end of the spectrum. That said, my father, as a former employee of the Air National Guard has worked pretty closely with Senator Graham in his JAG days. That doesn’t count for much, but maybe it’s something?
  3. The only way I could think of to amplify my voice was to pass my letter on to the good people at Free Times. I particularly want to thank Editor in Chief Eva Moore, and congratulate her on her recent promotion.
  4. The part about Maine may strike you as weirdly placed, but in the letter I sent him, I included a link: here it is. It’s an analysis of the bill’s repurcussions coming from an opposing legislator from Maine.

I haven’t written anything from a more creative standpoint in a while. Mostly I’ve been focusing on my horror essays, which are quite a bit of fun to do.

As for older stuff, the book is almost certainly a go at this point. All the work is done on my end, and we’re just waiting for it to go to press. Currently, we’re anticipating a release date around August 22. Stay tuned!


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