Waffle House Hardball: Say it Ain’t So, Joe (intro)

There are moments in our country’s history (and likely other countries) where an event is so momentous that it essentially redefines culture on its own. An event so meaningful that history itself seems to split into both “before” and “after”, with the latter being a new, rewritten normal. For older generations these were things like … Continue reading Waffle House Hardball: Say it Ain’t So, Joe (intro)


Greta (2019)

Poor Neil Jordan. There was a definite time in history when it seemed like his career as an auteur was blossoming. He’d set the world on fire with 1992’s The Crying Game, which was nominated for six Oscars. He won for Best Original Screenplay. Two years later, he would direct Interview with the Vampire, which … Continue reading Greta (2019)

The Birds (1963)

Last July, the Nickelodeon held a seven-picture series celebrating Technicolor. I missed most of it, but I was able to catch one showing of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 masterpiece The Birds. Hitchcock should have shown up in this feature back in 1960 for Psycho, but I found myself so intimidated at the prospect of reviewing a … Continue reading The Birds (1963)