Witchfinder General (1968)

1967 had been a great year for film, and it wouldn’t be too much longer until the cultural shift hit horror in a big way. 1968 saw some of the most groundbreaking films in horror, which we will eventually cover. Our next film is lesser known, but similarly groundbreaking, though not necessarily for the positive.  … Continue reading Witchfinder General (1968)


Wait Until Dark (1967)

In April of 1968, Katherine Hepburn won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in 1967’s Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. Six months prior to its release, Hepburn’s long-time costar and romantic partner Spencer Tracy dropped dead in his Beverly Hills apartment. The combination of the sociopolitical message of the film (interracial marriage) … Continue reading Wait Until Dark (1967)

McMaster’s evacuation

This is a letter that I wrote to the Free Times last year, in the wake of Governor McMaster's extreme response to Hurricane Florence. I am posting this as a companion piece to Liz Farrell's recent opinion piece in The State, where she criticizes McMaster for his response to this year's Hurricane Dorian. What I … Continue reading McMaster’s evacuation

Viy (1967)

I vaguely remember the fall of the Soviet Union. I at least remember the headlines in 1991, and having a fuzzy idea that something important was happening. Unfortunately, those memories tend to blend with my even fuzzier 1989 memories of the fall of the Berlin wall. I know I found out about one of them … Continue reading Viy (1967)

1967 Index

The Fearless Vampire Killers Quatermass and the Pit Spider Baby Viy Wait Until Dark Best Non-Horror of 1967 Obviously The Graduate is a masterpiece, but better writers than me have tackled that subject fairly recently. Instead, I think I gotta grab another Bond film. You Only Live Twice is the fifth in the James Bond … Continue reading 1967 Index