Lake of the Dead (1958)

aka De Dodes Tjern The things I put myself through for this column. I think 1950 was the last time I really struggled to put a column together, and that was for a full year. Lake of the Dead is a Norwegian film, and like many of these older, less popular foreign films, they can … Continue reading Lake of the Dead (1958)


The Fly (1958)

“Francois...I’ve killed Andre.” This admission comes right after we’ve seen the same woman flee from a factory floor, leaving a bloody corpse. The body is that of her husband, and he has had his head and arm crushed into nothing by an industrial press. Even today, it’s pretty horrifying. I’m a little embarrassed to admit … Continue reading The Fly (1958)

Unsane (2018)

The main character’s name is Sawyer Valentini, which while hilarious, is the least of its problems. Let me apologize in advance for this review. It is rare that I encounter a film that has so many aspects of it that I am familiar with. I worked at a psychiatric hospital for over a year, and … Continue reading Unsane (2018)