Dawn of the Dead (1978)

It’s been a while since I saw the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead. However, my opinion of it at the time was the same that I still hear today. That the first ten or so minutes are great, and the rest of the movie you can take or leave. What I had forgotten … Continue reading Dawn of the Dead (1978)

M20: My first year of marriage gets off to a very bad start in 2012

cw: depression, discussion of suicide Welcome to M20, a personal recollection of the most important albums of my life, starting in 1999. I will choose an album released that year that had the most impact on me. This is not necessarily the best of the year, and they may not necessarily continue to hold up. … Continue reading M20: My first year of marriage gets off to a very bad start in 2012

Salem’s Lot (1979)

It’s hard to imagine modern horror without Stephen King. These days, his work is everywhere. In addition to being an incredibly prolific writer, a significant number of those books have received at least one adaptation in one medium or another. Last year, there were four films based upon his work, and as of January of … Continue reading Salem’s Lot (1979)

Halloween (1978)

As this series moves from the 1970’s to the 1980’s, we’re going to see much more of what has come to be considered “the slasher genre”. I’ve made my best efforts to show what films laid the groundwork, from the gialli of the late 60’s and early 70’s, to movies like Black Christmas and The … Continue reading Halloween (1978)

Zombie (1979)

In my review of Don’t Torture a Duckling, I touched on my general distaste for director Lucio Fulci, at least as compared to his contemporary Dario Argento. Both love gore, but while Argento likes to make beautiful tableaus, Fulci wants everything to be as ugly as possible, with at least one scene of eye trauma. … Continue reading Zombie (1979)

Press Releases

On Monday, Governor Henry McMaster lifted the “home or work” order, allowing restaurants to open at half capacity.  On Tuesday, Governor Henri McMaitre issued an order eliminating drive-thrus and mandating that all restaurant customers must eat inside while taking large breaths. On Wednesday, Chancellor Henreid McMansion wrote a decree that after you jump in the … Continue reading Press Releases