Fright Night (1985)

Since today is the 3th anniversary of the Super Mario Brothers franchise, I wanted to review a movie from 1985. Two films immediately came to mind. The first is a cult classic which I have seen twice, and honestly have never cared for, though I will inevitably review it at some point. The second I’d … Continue reading Fright Night (1985)

The Turning (2020)

I’ve actually been dreading this one a bit. Floria Sigismondi has been one of my favorite music video directors, making incredible videos for artists I’ve loved like The White Stripes and Muse. Her video for the opening track of Sigur Ros’ brilliant 2002 album ranks among my favorite of all time. So seeing her as … Continue reading The Turning (2020)

M20: In 2014, my new life in Columbia began, only to come down in flames

Welcome to M20, a personal recollection of the most important albums of my life, starting in 1999. I will choose an album released that year that had the most impact on me. This is not necessarily the best of the year, and they may not necessarily continue to hold up. This is about the journey. … Continue reading M20: In 2014, my new life in Columbia began, only to come down in flames

Who I Am Now

So it’s been about a week since I started this little introspective tangent, and I guess now we’re getting into what one could term “the good stuff”. Here’s where I deal with the big realities, in the order they came. I’m not straight. I only allowed myself to believe this near the end of my … Continue reading Who I Am Now